American History 1877-Present

“The Statesman who yields to war fever is no longer the master of policy, but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.” – Winston Churchill

Welcome! This class is a course that 11th grade students get to take that will focus on the people, and events that made the U.S.A. what it is today. We will start off at the end of the Reconstruction in 1877 and explore the periods that followed right to the present day. Expect a mixture of methods to learn this knowledge as we work together to understand ourselves and our country’s place in this world. You will see below this introduction a week by week outline of the assignments and events that will be going on in this class. A syllabus will be attached as well so that you will know what is expected of you. If you need to contact me try  You can also check the home page and reference page for helpful information as well. I’m looking forward to working with you all.

Week of Aug. 22nd-We will begin the year with a mock Map test of the USA. Then take a look at the course and start with The New West, 1865-1914. We will look at the Indian Peoples of the Great Plains. You will complete 1-6 on page 546 in class and then take a RQ ( Reading Quiz). By the End of the week we will be looking at the Mining and Railroads. HW on Weds will be 1-7, pg 551 followed by a RQ on Thursday. We will look at the Railroad Act of 1862 and discuss what DBQs look like and tackle our first one of the year together.

Week of Aug. 29th- On Mon. we will return the work from the past week and review, then take a quiz over the Railroads and Mining. Afterwards we will look at the Railroad Act together and discuss it. Tuesday will be your REAL USA Map Test followed by a group activity  that will conclude on Weds. That night complete Section 3 -The Cattle Kingdom 1-7, pg 555. On Thursday we will go over the results and take a quiz over it. Then we will evaluate written sources to conclude the week.

Week of Sept. 6th- On Tues. we will conclude with the “West’s” production on the Native American Experience. That night complete 1-7, pg 561 for Weds. A quiz over the night’s HW starts Weds. off after a discussion, then begin Section 5, Farming. Complete 1-8 on Pg. 566. On Thursday we will take a closer look at the life of a farmer in the 19th century. HW over the weekend will be 1-22, pgs 568-569. Our Exam will be next Tuesday.

Week of Sept. 12th- On Mon. we will collect the Chapt. Rev. and debrief-then a session of Got-a-Clue will follow. Tuesday will be our Exam on the West. Upon it’s Conclusion, we will start a discussion of the Civil War Period. Weds. and Thursday will conclude this period and assign a research topic to you to present next week as a Topical.

Week of Sept. 19th- On Mon. we will be picking our topicals and dividing up the research among each other. You have all week to collect information and design your presentation for next Monday. We will attempt to get in some library time and computer time for you along with class time to put things together. THIS IS WORTH A TEST GRADE SO PUT IN SOME QUALITY TO ASSURE A GOOD GRADE.

Week of Sept. 26th- On Mon. you will present your Topical over the Civil War Period. H.W. will be 1-7, pg. 577. Tuesday we will be divided into 4 groups to present a personal perspective of the growth of the railroads. This will be followed by a quiz. Weds. we will look at the rise of Big Business. H.W. that evening will be 1-8, pg 582. Thursday will start out with a quiz over that section, then a look at advertising then and now before a look at the inventions that changed the Nation. We will be summarizing the reading objectives in groups.

Week of Oct. 3rd- On Mon. we will complete 1-7 in class on page 589 then discuss and assess . Tuesday we will look at the rise of organized labor completing 1-7, pg. 594 in class and discussing the pros and cons of labor unions during that time. Weds. will be a rev. day with us all completing together the chpt. 20 rev. in class (go online and take the self-test before Thursday). Thursday will be our test on Chapt. 20.

Week of Oct. 10th- On Mon. we will begin our look at Reform in the Gilded Age. We will complete the Section rev. 1-7, pg. 632 and then hold a press conference with the Presidents. Tuesday we will have a quiz over the material. Then it’s off to the Progressives – Section 2, 1-8 and portraying the men and women who made up these folks. Then on Weds. We will explore the world of Muckraking. Thursday we will look at the progressive Presidents. HW over the weekend will be 1-8, pg. 643.

Week of Oct. 17th-(LOOK OVER RESULTS) Mon. You will complete 1-8, pg 643 and follow that up with a quiz. HW that night will be Women in Reforms, 1-7, pg 648. Tuesday we will discuss Section 4, write the lyrics to a song in small groups and take a quiz. HW will be Other Americans Seek Justice, 1-8, pg 653. Weds. we will exchange and assess the results followed by a class session on the Chpt. Rev. pg 654-655. DO THE PRACTICE TEST ON-LINE, Thursday will be our Exam. Then we will look at the last 9 Human Rights.

Week of Oct. 24th- We will be looking at how the USA becomes a World Power. On Mon. we will start with A Pacific Empire. HW will be 1-8, pg 666. Tues. a Quiz will start us off from the day before followed by a look at Historical trends. Then it’s off to the war with Spain. Here you will report to the class on the events of the conflict. HW 1-7, pg 674. Weds. will see us looking at the opposition from notable Americans followed by a quiz over the section. Thursday will be a day set aside for our involvement in Latin America, we will complete the section rev. in class. Our Test over this will be next Tues.

Week of Oct. 31st- On Monday you will complete 1-7 , pg 680 in class and then after a discussion take a quiz over this. Then begin your Chpt. Rev.  on page 682-683, 1-22 due Tuesday. The Exam over this chapter will be that day. Afterwards we will look at The Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa , and Ambrose Bierce through the Edited “Old Gringo”.

Week of Nov. 7th- We will continue our viewing of the video through it’s conclusion then, after some discussion tackle a DBQ on Imperialism. By the End of the Week we will launch into WW I. You will need to read 686-690 and complete 1-7 on pg. 690 by Thurs.

Week of Nov. 14th- On Mon. we will Break down how the USA went from neutrality to War. We have some group work on tap that will include some outlining and presentation with everyone involved. Then upon the conclusion of the presentations you will be writing some essays on other presentations. A quiz over this will occur upon completion (Weds.) Then it’s off to Americans in battle-complete 1-7, pg. 702 Weds. night. Thurs. we will check our understanding (quiz) and then look at the failed peace. 1-7, pg 709 will be due Mon. DBQs are on tap next week.

Week of Nov. 21st- Turn in your DBQ on Mon. then we will be reviewing for our test on Tuesday.

Week of Nov. 28th- We will catch up those of you who need to make-up the work and take stock of each ones status before entering Semester Exams. While doing that we will look at “Gallipoli”, a film that looks at WW I with our allies the Australians who are attacking the Ottoman Turks. Afterwards we will be preparing for our Semester Exam.

Week of Dec. 5th- On Mon. we will take our Semester (Unit) Exam afterwards we will begin with the decade of the 1920s. After a couple of days getting familiar with it, you will choose a topical to present to the class next week.

Week of Dec. 12th- On Mon. we will look at your draft of the presentations and fine tune it for Tues./Weds.  Presentations are on schedule for those days. Thursday is our make-up day or a celebration of the holidays if everyone is done.

Week of Jan. 2nd- We begin the new year with the Great Depression. We will start with the great crash and write out detailed responses to 3 objectives utilizing the key terms from section one wherever appropriate. As a whole class we will work up a concept web over this material. On Tuesday we will watch a short video and take a quiz over this. Then we will create a mural using songs  and first hand accounts to tell the human story of this period. We will be working on this through the weds. That night you will respond to the 4 objectives on FDR and the New Deal. Thursday we will discuss these and take an assessment to demonstrate your understanding.

Week of Jan. 9th- On Mon. We will be attacking the objectives together in small groups and discussing them in class. Then we will separate out the programs using the 3 “R”s  before taking a quiz over this. Tuesday we will once again break down the objectives together over Section 3 then asses our understanding. Weds. we will research in even smaller groups some of the programs then report on them the second half of the hour. Thursday, after a warm up activity, we will once again hit the objectives on Hard Times before charting out those times and assessing our understanding of these at the end of the period. We will take our exam over this period next Tuesday.

Week of Jan. 16th- We will discuss “The Nation in Hard Times” on Mon. and after a a small group activity take our quiz over it. Tuesday will be our Review Day and Weds. our Exam over the 30s. This will be followed by an introduction into the World War II era. Weds. night you will need to Answer the 3 Objectives from “The Gathering Storm” pg. 774. On Thursday, we will be taking that knowledge into a group project before taking a quiz over it to end the week.

Week of Jan. 23rd- On Mon. we will discuss the objectives you completed last week and then take a quiz over them . Afterwards, we will look at the video “Schindler’s List” and examine the issues surrounding the Holocaust.

Week of Jan. 30th- We begin the week as WW II starts. After working out the objectives on Mon. we will divide up into advisors to FDR. Tuesday we will take a quiz over section 2 (Remember if you are gone on a quiz date you need to complete the section review in it’s stead) Afterwards, we will look at Americans in Wartime. You will knock out the objectives Tuesday. Weds. we will discuss the impact that the war had at home and then write an essay comparing the attack on Pearl Harbor with that of 9/11. Thursday will begin with a quiz over that section before knocking out the Objectives in Section 4. This time you will get to create your own assessment.

Week of Feb. 6th- On Mon. we will look at the end of the war together and then take an assessment over it. HW that night will be 1-22 in the Chpt. 27 Rev, pg 800-801. Tuesday we will do a number of review exercises. Weds. will be our Exam. Afterwards we will look at some video footage on the final months of the conflict and the Nuremberg Trial. Thursday we will check on the results and send everybody off this weekend with a DBQ on the New Deal.

Week of Feb. 13th- Mon. we will take a look at how the Cold War begins. HW will be the Objectives on page 810. Tuesday will see a quiz over that material after a bit of review. The rest of the week will see us investigating the Korean War and the McCarthy Era.

Week of Feb. 2oth- We start the week looking at Regional Conflicts. On Mon. we will tackle the Objectives on pg. 821 followed by creating political cartoons on the events that transpired. Tuesday we will look at the Cuban missile Crisis in detail after sharing our Cartoons and taking a quiz over the section. A review of the Peace Corps creation will follow.

Week of Feb. 27th- We will begin  Letters Home from Vietnam  on Mon. HW will be the Objectives on pg. 827. Upon Conclusion of the video showing we will have a quiz on Weds over the Vietnam War. This will be followed with the final section on The Cold War Ends with the Objectives on pg. 832. Thursday we will discuss this period and take a quiz over it. HW over the weekend will be 1-22 pgs 838-839. Our Exam will be next Tuesday.

Week of March 5th- Monday will be a review Day and Tuesday our Exam. This will be followed by a look at the Post-War policies and Prosperity of the 50s. Complete the Objectives Tuesday night on pg. 842. Weds and Thursday we will look closer at that period and assess our understanding as well.

Week of March 12th- Mon. we will look at the results from last week’s test and your overall standing to date before launching into  the Post-War policies and Prosperity of the 50s.  We will complete the Objectives in class on pg. 842. Tuesday, will see us divide up into small groups and research aspects of the 50s on-line and report back to class on Weds. Afterwards we will discuss the period and assess our understanding at the end of class. Thursday we will look at some video from the period on “Seeds of the Sixties”.

Week of April 2nd- We begin the week with the Civil Rights Movement. Complete the Obj. at the beginning of class. Then in small groups we will prepare the argument that was used in Brown v. Board of Edu. A Quiz will follow afterwards. Tuesday, we will take a more detailed look at the civil rights struggle. Weds. Will see us tackling Section 3, “Protest, Reform, and Doubt” After answering the Objectives we will re-create TV Press interviews with the Presidents. Then create a bulletin Board of Counter-Culture before taking our Quiz Thursday.

Week of April 10th- Tuesday we will research the different movements and gather material for our display on Protest, Reform and Doubt. Weds we will put it together. Thursday we will conclude with the display , then knock out the objectives on “The Crusade for Equal Rights”. Exam next week.

Week of April 16th- On Mon. we will conclude our Mural of Movements, then tackle the Objectives “The Crusade for Equal Rights”, pg. 862. Tuesday we will create a chart and discuss this period before taking a quiz over it. Weds will be a review day and Thursday our Exam over Chpt. 29.

Week of April 23rd. On Mon. we will look at a video clip on the state of our prison systems today as we begin our last unit on “The Conservative Revolt”. Complete the Obj. and be ready to support/refute generalizations. A quiz will begin the day on Tuesday. Then it’s off to “Am. Leadership in the New World”with Obj. and a answer to the question-“Is the World a safer Place?” We will make a list of impacted nations and then after discussion quiz on Weds. At that point we will look at the spread of regional conflict and the impact of Oil. Expect a quiz on Thursday as well.

Week of April 30th- We will review Section 3 briefly and then take our quiz over that material on Mon. Afterwards, you will complete the objectives for “A Global Economy” and then present public service announcements. A quiz will start Tuesday off, followed by Knocking out the objectives for “New Challenges for the Nation”.A Chart will follow. Weds. a Quiz over the previous section and then A Chapter Review session. Thursday will be our Chapter Test. Afterwards we will begin a closer look at the Roe v. Wade case. [ This case will be looked at from a historical and legal perspective, we will not debate the issue itself ]

Week of May 7th- All make-up work needs to be in to me, along with missed tests. We will be watching the Roe v Wade case and looking at the legal ramifications both then and now. Afterwards, we will begin reviewing the year’s material and preparing for the Final Exam.

Week of May 14th. On Mon. we will conclude with our timelines and begin with our review activities throughout the week. Some will be in small groups while others will be whole class. Our Final is on the 23rd.


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