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Understanding Psychology

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“It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else, and still unknown to himself.”-Sir Francis Bacon

Perception is a powerful thing

Week one-Aug 18th/Aug. 22nd, Introduction, Syllabus, Academic Expectations and take a Pre-Test for the course. HW. Chapt. 1 Section 1 needs to be read (take notes)  the next class period. Mon. we will go over section one and take a quiz. HW is to read section 2. Tues., we will go over that section as well and quiz. HW is section 3. Weds. we will go over that in class and quiz over it. Thursday will be a poster activity to be completed in class.   Here is a power-point that covers the 1st chapter that we will be using.

Week of Aug. 29th-On Mon. we will wrap up Chapter One with a review and prepare for our test on Tuesday. Afterwards, we will compare Piaget and Freud and discuss them. On Weds. we will go over the results from the first exam and we will look at Research from section 1, Chapt. 2 Including a look at Jane Goodall. Thursday, will be a quiz over section 1 followed by a video clip on research

Week of Sept. 6th- Tuesday, we will discuss section 1 of chapter 2 followed by a quiz. HW will be section 2, chapter 2 notes. Weds. we will discuss problems and solutions in research  with a closer look at the Milgram Experiment.Thursday,  we will look at Statistical Evaluation with an introduction with the case of clever Hans.

Week of Sept. 12th-Mon. we will wrap up Clever Hans and then look at section 3. Tuesday we  will be following this up with two teams creating distribution tables, followed up with a quiz. Weds. we will be reviewing and preparing for our exam on Thursday.On Thursday we will wrap up the chapter, and begin taking notes over section one of Chapter 3. .

Week of Sept. 19th- Mon.We will then get into Section 1 with the Physical, Perceptual, and Language Development . A quiz will follow. Tuesday, we will launch into chapter three’s section 2 on Cognitive and Emotional Development. We will discuss this and create a Partner chart on the levels of development. We will assess our understanding on Weds. Afterwards, will look closer at imprinting and attachment. We will finish up the week with a look at Parenting Styles and Social Development. This will carry over into next week as well.

Week of Sept. 26th- On Mon. we will look at Parenting Styles and Social Development. This will include a small group WS session and Quiz. Tues. will be a Rev. Day. Weds. will be our Test, followed by an introduction into Adolescence. Thursday you will be working together on the worksheets in class and over the weekend be taking notes on Chapter 4.

Week of Oct.3rd- On Mon.  we will conclude with the Ted Talks video then get into small groups and look at Personality Development. Here you will be partnering up and presenting the different theories on this part of adolescence for Tuesday. This will be followed  by an assessment. Then it’s off to Social development for Weds. We will look at Gender roles and differences on Thursday. Our Test will be next Tuesday.

Everything after this break is from last year and might not apply this year. Please Ignore.

Week of Oct. 5th- This week we will conclude with adolescence social development and Gender roles and differences. We should be taking our chapter test on Weds. Afterwards we will look at adulthood to conclude the week.

Week of Oct. 12th- We will start the week by concluding with Adulthood. Some final discussion and a look over WS that was assigned with a quiz to follow. Then we will get into Old Age. On Tuesday we will wrap this up with a quiz and then get into Death and Dying. Weds we should conclude with this with some video material and prepare for our Rev. on Thursday. Next Mon. will be our Exam.

Week of Oct. 19th- On Mon. we will have our Exam over Adulthood and Old Age. This will be followed with with a session on Body and Behavior. Be ready to take notes as you will be creating skits demonstrating your understanding of the material upon it’s conclusion for a Test grade.

Body and Behavior

Week of Oct. 26th- We will wrap up the case of Awakenings early in the week and write an essay on the issues raised and the findings as well. Afterwards we will break out in our groups to design and present the workings of the body on our Behavior. The at the end of the week we will begin our look at sleep and dreams.


Week of Nov. 2nd- We begin the week with a wrap up on dreams (BBC Video Clip) HW will be a GRA on Sleep and Dreams. We will continue with Hypnosis, Biofeedback, and Meditation. Lastly, Drugs and Consciousness. Be keeping up with your readings as we cover the material. Our Exam will be on Mon. next week.

Week of Nov. 9th- Mon. will be our Exam over Altered States followed by a introduction into Sensation and Perception. Throughout the week we will be delving into this topic using GRA’s and activities. Be sure to keep up with your readings. Our goal is to complete this unit next week. Then it’s off to Learning and Rats.

Week of Nov. 16th- Review day on Mon. and Test over Sensation and Perception on Tuesday. This will be followed by An introduction to our chapter on Learning. Weds and Thursday will be focused on our classical and operant conditioning methods in preparation for working with our rats after the Thanksgiving break.

Week of Nov. 30th- On Mon. we will get to know our rats and begin operant conditioning labs with them. HW. will be section 3 Social learning notes. Tuesday, we will continue with the rats and  go over section 3, complete the GRA for HW. Weds. we will take our test over the chapter and work with the rats afterwards. Thursday we will have our guest from CBI here.

Week of Dec. 7th.-On Mon. we will turn in your journals on the rats along with the WS on Social Learning. A review of the Chapter will follow. Our Test will be Tuesday. Afterwards, you will work with your rats again. HW will be section one on Memory. Weds. we will go over that and then work with the rats. HW will be section 2. Thursday we will discuss this and work with the rats. HW will be section 3. Mon. will be a review and Tuesday our Test followed by giving out the 1st Semester study guide for our final on Thursday. We will wrap up our time with the rats next week as well.

psy chapter 10

Week of Dec. 14th- Mon. and Tuesday will be a review day, along with time for your rats. Weds. will be our first semester final. Thursday will be an opportunity to wrap things up before the holiday.

Week of Jan. 4th-Welcome back! We will begin the week with a look at Thinking and problem solving. Section 1 of Chapter 11 will be on tap. Be prepared to complete some worksheets by Tuesday related to this and take a quiz on that day. Afterwards, we will look into language. HW Tuesday will be Section 2 on Language. Complete the WS for Weds. We will go over the material together and prep for the exam on Thursday. A look at the case of Nell will follow and take us into next week.

Week of Jan. 11th- We will Continue with our case of Nell assignment to start the week. Afterwards, we will look over the results of the test on chapter 11 followed by a last look at Language. Then it’s off to Motivation Chapter 12. Be sure you read ahead and take notes.

Week of Jan. 18th- On Mon, we will complete the guided reading WS on Section 2 before looking at Section 3 on Emotions. HW will be WS on Section three. You will be making a poster on the different theories in class and discussing the similar and contrasting elements on Tuesday. Weds we will take our test over the chapter after a final discussion. Thursday we will look at Chapter 15, Stress and Health. Don’t worry, we will get back to Psychological Testing afterwards.

Week of Jan. 25th-On Mon. we will begin on Sources of Stress Chapter 15. We will conclude with this on Weds. and then get into reactions to stress. We will wrap that up on Thursday. Expect a  quiz on both Weds. and Thursday this week.

Week of Feb. 1st-We will wrap our chapter on Stress this week. Weds. should be a review and Thursday our Test day.

Week of Feb. 8th- We will start the week with a wrap up on Stress followed by Psychological Testing and Disorders. We will get into that topic in depth  over the next few weeks.

week of Feb. 15th-Mon. we will wrap up our discussion on Personality. Tuesday will be a review day and weds. our Exam on Intelligence and Personality. Afterwards, we will look at the case of the Rain Man as we finalize our discussion on Intelligence.

Week of Feb. 22nd- We will wrap up Rain Man the beginning of the week followe the different theories of Personality throughout the rest of week. We should be able to conclude with the chapter by weeks end with presentations next Tuesday.

Week of Feb. 29th- We will conclude with the different theories of Personality Mon. and Tuesday. Weds we will begin  with “What are Psychological Disorders?” Thursday will be Anxiety Disorders.

Week of March 7th- We will begin the week on Somatoform/Dissociative Disorders and then move into Mood disorders and Personality disorders by the end of the week. Our Test will be next Tuesday. followed by “What about Bob?”

Week of March 14th-We will look at Personality Disorders on Mon. and Prepare for our Exam on Tuesday. (Look at the jeopardy above) Afterwards, we will look at  the video “What about Bob?” and complete the discussion questions for the end of the week.

Week of March 28th- We will begin with Chapter 18 “Individual Interaction” Mon. will be on Interpersonal Attraction. We will wrap that up on Tuesday before getting into Social Perception. We will conclude with this on Weds. Thursday and over the weekend “Personal Relationships” will be on tap. When we get back next week we will wrap that up and take our exam mid-week.

Week of April 4th- Mon. will be a review day over chapter 18. Tuesday our Exam followed by a look at Group Behavior. The remainder of the week will be a chance to get into Group interaction.


Week of April 11th-  It’s all about Group Interactions this week as we go through Chapter 19 together. Be sure to look over the Video clips related to this chapter  below as we get into group speak.



Week of April 18th- We will wrap up Chapter 19 on Tuesday. Our Exam will be on Weds. Study. Afterwards, we will look at section 1 of Chapter 20 on Attitude Formation. Thursday, it’s off to Attitude Change and Prejudice.


Week of April 25th- Monday we will conclude with Prejudice and Discrimination in discussion and clips followed by a quiz. Then it’s off to section 3 and the art of Persuasion. We will explore this on Tuesday and conclude it on Weds. along with some review. Our Test over the chapter will be on Thursday. This will be followed with a video delving into the subject matter that we have learned.

Week of May 2nd- Monday and Tuesday conclude with Phenomenon analysis. Afterwards, begin Chapter 21: Psychology, Present and Future, complete WS for Weds. . Weds. and Thursday will be research, report/essay. this will be due next Tuesday.

Week of May 9th- Mon. work on your essay on a career using psychology in Library (Due Weds) On Weds. we will look at Therapy (Chapt. 17) You will breakdown the 4 major types of therapy  and then role play a therapy session (Poster/Discussion on Depression) on Mon. Next week will be our final exam (Weds. ) I will give out a study guide Thursday. Mon., after our Depression talk,  and Tuesday. will be review days. Be sure you are preparing for your final over the weekend


Everything after this break is from past years and will not apply this year. Please disregard.



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