AP US Government

This one year course is a study of federal, state, local, and tribal governments designed to give you a critical perspective on government and politics in the United States. A syllabus of the course, AP Govt Audit ,will go through the year for you and explain the order of the material. If you need to contact me, please either E-mail me at jim.bistodeau@ccbobcats.net or call me at work, 783-4907 or at home 783-2095. My hours at school begin at 7:25 am and conclude at 12:30 pm.  I’m looking forward to this year in getting as many of you as possible to succeed not only on the AP Exam but to see all of you master your study skill sets as you prepare for college. There will be opportunities for study sessions and field trips on Fridays.

Week one/two Aug. 18th/22nd-We will begin the year with a Introduction to the course and the AP Test, assign current events, check out books, and assign reading: One Document Under Siege ( http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2079445,00.html    )Then [Ted Talks, David Cameron: The Next Age of Government]

On Mon., we will discuss One Document Under Seige, HW will be Chapter 1 . for Tuesday. Bring in your wireless devices for Tuesday as we will be on-line.  Weds. and Thurs., the 24th,  will be a lecture/discussion on Chapter one.

Powerpoint on Chapter 1 0321338464_01


Week of Aug. 29th-A test over Chapt. 1 on Tuesday will happen along a look at previous FRQs from past AP exams and how to attack them. We will look over the results from chapter 1  Afterwards, we will be looking over chapter two.  On Weds. we will continue on Chapter 2 with some discussion along with a power-point. Later in the week we will be involved in some activities that will involve the material we are covering. Plan on looking over the two constitutions this week as well. We should be taking our Exam over Chapter 2 the end of next week.


Week of Sept. 6th- We will wrap up Chapter two this week and look at Federalist paper #10 and #51 a bit closer. We should be reviewing on Thursday and taking our exam next week.

Week of Sept 12th- Chapter two exam on Weds. Begin taking notes on Chapter 3 for Thursday. We will go over results from Mon. and launch into Federalism looking at Hurricane Katrina. Throughout the week we will explore federalism and look at Court cases that challenge it.

Week of Sept. 19th. Federalism is on tap this week. I expect we will be able to assess on this next Mon. Be sure you have your notes ready as we will be need those for some projects this week.

Week of Sept. 26th. We will Review on Mon. and take our Test Tuesday on Federalism. Weds. we will begin  Civil Liberties and Public policy (Chapter 4) There are a number of court cases that we need to know about so i will make available resources to assist you in this (See link below)


Week of Oct. 3rd. We will be working over chapter 4 and Civil Liberties throughout the week. We should be taking our exam on Thursday barring any interruptions.





Everything after this is from last year and may not be correct for this year.


Week of Sept. 21st- This week we will wrap up our discussion on federalism and explore some of the court cases that address it. We will conclude with it and look at our exam at it’s conclusion. (Weds should be our Test)


Week of Sept. 28th-We will look over last weeks exam and then begin on Civil Liberties and Public policy (Chapter 4) There are a number of court cases that we need to know about so i will make available resources to assist you in this (See link below)


Week of Oct. 5th- We will begin the week with a wrap up of the Civil Liberties cases. Expect a matching game early in the week. We should be taking our Test on Thursday. Before looking at Civil Rights cases.


Week of Oct. 12th-We will go over the results of last weeks test then launch into Civil Rights. I plan on completing this and testing over it on Mon. next week.  We will take our Qtr. Exam on Weds. or Thursday depending on other conflicts.




Week of Oct. 19th- On Mon., we will take our test over Civil Rights and Public Policy. Tuesday and Weds. we will review the first nine weeks worth of material and then on Thursday take our Quarter Exam. Read Chapter 6 on Political Action.



Week of Oct. 26th-We will look into Public Opinion and Political Action this week. Be reading ahead in both Chapters 6 and 7 as we will test over both these at the end of next week. In between we will be going over the material and researching on-line for the latest information on the polls showing where America stands today.

AP Chapter Six Notes Public Opinion and Political Action


Week of Nov. 2nd- We will wrap up chapter 7 at the beginning of the week. Expect our Exam over both chapters on Weds. Thursday we will start on Political Parties.




Week of Nov. 9th- We will be involved in political parties chapter 8 and then nominations and campaigns chapter 9 this week. Be sure you are keeping up with your readings and notes as we will be getting into some FRQs and activities as we progress.

Week of Nov. 16th- Review day on Mon. and our Exam on Tuesday. Weds and Thursday we will look at Chapter 10. HW over the break will include reading Chapter 10 and 11 if you have time.


Week of Nov. 30th- Wrap up chapter 10 (Elections and Voting Behavior) along with another FRQ and some activities. The end of the week we will begin chapter 11 ( Interest Groups).






Week of Dec. 7th- On Mon. we will review chapter 10 and 11 for our exam on Tuesday. Afterwards, we will look at the HBO film on women’s sufferage to wrap up the week. Next Mon and Tuesday will be review days for our Semester Exam. A study guide will be provided.



Week of Dec. 14th- Mon. and Tuesday will be our Review days along with keeping up with current events. Weds. will be our Semester Final.

Week of Jan. 4th- Welcome back! The next couple of weeks we will be devoting to Congress. Read chapter 12 and take notes as we will go over this the first week. Afterwards, we will design a mock congress setting with committees, bills, and the like. Each of you will create your own bill for a grade and get through committee and then Congress.


Week of Jan. 11th- . We will go over your Bills and work them through committee. Afterwards we will send them off to be approved. Tuesday will wrap that up followed by a review of the Chapter. Weds. will be our Exam over the chapter. Thursday, we will go over results and begin with Chapter 13.


Week of Jan. 18th- The Presidency. Mon. we will look at candidates websites for the Presidency. 1. Click on the background facts: take notes.  2. Consider how they are organized-what features were helpful? Anything annoying? What was it? Anything missing? What? 3. Pick two issues that interest you most. How does the candidate address the issues.4. Based on what you saw and heard from your classmates research, for whom will you support and why? Discussion on Tuesday . Afterwards we will look at some video clips and wrap up our notes on the chapter this week. Test next week.

Week of Jan 25th-We will wrap up “All the President’s Men” then conclude with the Material on the Presidency. Our Test should be Thursday.


Week of Feb. 1st- On Tuesday, we will look at the Iowa results and turn in our FRQs, go over the test from last week and launch into chapter 14. We will complete chapters 14 and 17 next week and also balance the budget .http://crfb.org/stabilizethedebt/  Our exam will be next week.


Week of Feb. 8th- We will wrap up chapters 14 and 17 this week and see were we are at the end of the week. Our Exam will follow either Thursday or Mon.

Week of Feb. 15th-Mon will be our Exam over Chapters 14/17. Tuesday we will get into Chapter 15 The Federal Bureaucracy for the remainder of the week.


Week of Feb. 22nd.  We will wrap up our discussion on bureaucracies Mon. and Test out over the material on Tuesday. Afterwards, we will get into the courts for the remainder of the week.




Week of Feb. 29th- We will be looking at the Federal Courts this week. After covering the chapter, we will look at some of the cases a bit more closely along with some in-depth review. Our Exam over the material should be next week.


Week of March 7th- We will conclude with the Judiciary Branch on Mon. and take our Exam over it on Weds. Thursday, we will start on on Social Welfare Policies Chapter 18.



Week of March 14th. Get ready to feel the Bern. We look at Social Programs this week. We will shoot for knocking this short chapter out before break. Be ready to go on Mon. Read and get your notes taken care.



Week of March 28th- This week we will be looking at Policymaking for Healthcare, the Environment, and Energy. We should be able to wrap it up by mid week next week for our exam.

Week of April 4th- We will wrap up our discussion on Social Welfare on Monday and then begin on National Security and Foreign Policy Tuesday. This will carry on through the remainder of the week There will be an opportunity to dig deep on this topic over the weekend.

Week of April 11th- We will wrap up National Defense this week. Our Exam will be either on Weds. or Thursday. Next week we will look at local Government, Chapter 21.  



Week of April 18th- Tuesday, we will be preparing for the Commissioner’s Forum at 7:00 pm. Be prepared to look sharp and ask your questions. Weds. we will begin Chapter 21 on local government. We will continue this next week as well and, hopefully, see some of this in action. Our exam will be at he end of next week.

Week of April 25th- We will continue to work on our packet for chapter 21, including taking time on Monday in class. (Due Weds.) We also will be discussing and role playing the different types of local government and their challenges. Lastly, we may get a chance to go and see some of this in action in our town.  Test on the material will be Thursday. Next week we will begin our review of the course material for the final exam. along with our final project (To be discussed)

Week of May 2nd. Turn in AP Practice test on Monday and go over results.When that is complete we will begin our final project. To be completed by Weds next week.

Week of May 9th- Field trip on Mon. to Capital-Leg. Session. Tuesday work on Project. Weds-Thursday present Discussions. Pass out Final Exam Study Guide Thursday.

Week of May 16th- Complete Discussions Mon. Prep. for Final Exam. Weds. Final-last day for Seniors.


Everything after this break is from past years classes and may not be in sync with what we are doing this year.



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