AP American History

Welcome to AP Unites States History. Here you will find the detailed APUSHISTORY Syllabus ( old AP United States History Syllabus )  and information about due dates, reference material, and interaction with your fellow students along with your instructor. I want this year to be a rewarding experience for you. It will be a challenge that I’m confident you will be able to meet. Please keep in touch with me at jim.bistodeau@ccbobcats.net whenever you need help understanding anything that goes with this class. Good luck as you move into the world of those involved in higher learning. Here is a link of Sumary Videos on a good portion of the course from a fellow instructor that might come in handy http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB40AC55D5CB1BC06&feature=edit_ok

Week of August 20th-Course overview, assign laptops and set up accounts on Mindtap (If they are ready, otherwise we will plan on Mon). Reading assignment, The American Pageant, Chapters 1-2 ( Make notes in your binder as you will need them) World Map challenge in 15 minutes. Chapter should be completed with notes (History Log) by next week

Week of Aug. 24th- POD to start us out then “Who discovered it” Begin working on class timeline. Pre-Test on Monday. ( Flesh out your notes tonight) Tuesday, begin with a Thesis statement on the period 1491-1607. This will be followed by discussion. Conclude discussion  on Weds. and Thursday. Followed by “Columbus hero or villain?” and a comparison chart on England, France and Spain. Our Exam will be next Tuesday

Week of Aug. 31st – Wrap up our discussion on Monday and Test on Tuesday. HW will be begin reading chapters 2-5 and take notes. We will be interacting with Mind-tap and completeing activities, reviews, etc. as you go through your readings. In class, we will be going over these and doing activities to reinforce and support the readings.

Week of Sept. 8th- We will conclude with Chapter two on Tuesday. Weds. and Thursday we will compare and contrast New England and the Middle Colonies. Be sure that you are keeping up with your assignments along with your notes.

Week of Sept. 14th- We will be Looking at American life in the Seventeenth Century followed by Colonial Society on the Eve of the Revolution. Activities to support these periods and themes will be occurring and Jesse will be joining us as well.

Week of Sept. 21st- We will turn in our DBQs on Mon. and go over them later this week. In between we will wrap up Period two and plan on our Exam this coming Thursday. Begin Period 3 (1754-1800) readings Chapter 6-10



Week of Sept. 28th- We will be getting into Chapter six (Period 3 ) to start the week. On Tuesday, I hope to go over the results of last weeks exam and the DBQ before continuing. Please keep up on your reading and note taking.

Week of Oct. 5th- We will start out the week with the revolutionary war and your “Road to revolution”/Chart. On Tuesday, we will look at Chapter 8, America Secedes from the Empire. Weds. will be a rev. of Part I, then launch into Chapter 9 “The confederation and the constitution” We will wrap this up on Thursday and look at a FRQ over the weekend.

Week of Oct. 12th-We will wrap up Period three this week. Stay up on your chapter readings and on-line work. The pace will pick up with our Exam next Weds. Be sure all your on-line work is in before the deadline.



Week of Oct. 19th- We will go over Chapter 10 on Mon. and Review Tues. Weds. will be Period 3 Exam.  Thursday we will go over the results and Review for our 1st Qtr. Exam on Mon. next week.


Week of Oct. 26th- Turn in your DBQ on the 7 Years War Mon. Then over the next two days go over Chapter 11. The second half of the week will be chapter 12. I will be handing out PPT note sheets to assist. Be prepared for for questions on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

Week of Nov. 2nd- We will be covering chapters 13 and 14 this week be sure to keep up with your readings in advance as we go over the material. Likewise, make sure you have your on-line assignments completed by the deadlines on mind-tap. We will be doing things in class to assist you in your understanding of the events.

Week of Nov. 9th-We will be completing Period 4 this week starting with Chapter 15: The Ferment of Reform and Culture and moving into Chapter 16: The South and the Slavery Controversy. Be sure you are keeping up on your readings and on-line reviews.


AP US History Curriculum: Period 4 (1800 – 1848)

Week of Nov. 16th- Review Period 4 on Mon. Exam over Period 4 Weds. HW Read chapter 17 for Thursday complete Chapter 17 and 18 notes over the break. Keep up with Mind-tap as well. (Start on chapter 19 as well)



Week of Nov. 30th- We will be covering the material from chapters 18-19 along with part of 20. Next week we will finish up with 20 and wrap up the Period 5 with chapters 21-22.  Our Period 5 Exam will be on Mon. Dec. 14th. Finals will be Thursday Dec. 17th.

Week of Dec. 7th- We will wrap up period 5 this week. Chapters 20-22. A review session on Thursday with material to go over the weekend in preparation for Mon. Test.





Week of Dec. 14th. Period 5 Test on Mon. Tuesday and Weds we will review for our Semester Final on Thursday.

Week of Jan. 4th- We will begin with Period 6 (Chapters 23-26). Be reading and taking notes. In class, we will discuss the Gilded age and tackle the questions that it begs answered. Expect analysis of primary documents, and comparing different points of view. A DBQ is forthcoming as well.

Week of Jan. 11th- We will go over Chapter 24 on Mon. together and complete the Mind-tap work by Tuesday. Tuesday you will read and take notes on Chapter 25. Weds. will be Mind-tap work on that Chapter. Weds. night begin reading Chapter 26 as we will go over that together on Thursday. Over the weekend complete all mind-tap work. Next Mon. will be a DBQ in class and Tuesday will be our Period 6 Review along with Exam on Weds.


Week of Jan. 18th- Mon. and Tuesday we will conclude with Chapter 26. Weds. we will review and Thursday take our Test over Period 6. HW. over the weekend is Chapter 27 Mind-tap as we will finish it on Mon. Keep Up.

Week of Jan. 25th- Mon. will be our Exam over Period 6. HW will be to begin the Mind-tap for chapter 27. Have the chapter completed by Weds. night. Thursday we will begin Chapter 28. It needs to be done over the weekend as we will begin Chapter 29 on Mon.

Week of Feb. 1st- We will wrap up Chapter 28 Tuesday and Chapter 29 Weds. and Thursday. Stay up with your Mind-Tap Assignments On-Line.

Week of Feb. 8th- We will begin Chapter 30 and 31 this week Over next weekend complete chapter 32 for Mon. on Mind-Tap. We will attempt to wrap up things next week.


Week of Feb. 15th- We will wrap up the 20s and 30s this week and get into WWII Be sure you get your Mind-tap assignments in on time. Chapter 31 should be done Monday night and 32 by Thursday at the latest. 33 over the weekend. We will finish up next week with this Period 7 and our Exam will be the following week.

Week of Feb. 22nd. We will be wrapping up our Period 7 this week. Expect a in-class DBQ on Thursday with our Exam next Tuesday.

Week of Feb. 29th- Review on Mon. Exam on Tuesday. HW begin Chapter 35 Cold War. We will go over Chapter 35 Weds. and begin chapter 36 Thursday and over the weekend.


Week of March 7th- We will wrap up the 50s and get into the 60s by the end of the week. Be sure you keep up with your Mind-tap assignments at home.

Week of March 14th- We will knock out the 60s the beginning of the week and then get into the 70s. Over the Spring break you MUST continue with the reading Mind-tap assignment as we need to test over this Period by the end of the week when we return. The end is near. Take notes on the Video  ( Chapter 39)during the break a well and we will go over them upon our return as well.  Good luck.

Week of March 28th- Mon. we will review for our exam on Tuesday for Period 8. Weds. we will look at the 80s with Reagan and Bush we should be able to wrap that up by the weekend. Next week, it’s off to the 90s and the Clintons with the election of 2000  close behind. We will conclude Period 9 by April 21st. The following two weeks will be devoted to DBQs and review of the year. The AP EXAM is May 6th (That’s a Friday).

Week of April 4th- Mon. we will conclude with Reagan and Bush and launch into the 90s the remainder of the week. Be sure to stay up with your Mind-Tap assignments on-line.

Week of April 11th – On Monday we will look at the year 2000 Election and then begin the era of George W. Bush and the Obama years. We will conclude by the end of the week.  Final Mind-tap is due by Thursday.  Next week, we will be reviewing Period 9 and working on FRQs and DBQs. Period 9 Exam will be the 21st.




Week of April 18th- We will be reviewing Period 9 and prepping for our Exam on Thursday. A take home DBQ will be assigned over the weekend. Be sure to complete it by Weds.

Week of April 25th- We will go over the results of Period 9 on Monday and allow the remainder of the class for you to work on your Presidential assignment. Tuesday and the remainder of the wee we will be going over the material from the course in preparation for the AP Exam. This will include FRQs and DBQs.

Week of May 2nd- Turn in your Practice take home AP Exam on Mon. The rest of the week we will take another practice exam  that will be timed each day. The actual APUSH Exam is Friday morning. Good Luck!

Week of May 9th- We will be working on our APUSH Final Projects (See Attached Link) These options are due our last week of school and worth 200 points. Have fun and knock it out of the park.




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